Village General Farms is a family owned full service Florist + Flower Farm. We are located just ten minutes from downtown Cincinnati, but service the Greater Cincinnati area, and beyond. Our homestead in nestled amongst the Seven Hills, in The Enright Ridge Urban Eco-Village. Village General was born out of the dreams of both owners, Celeste + Nathan. Both together and even before our meeting, we each knew in our souls that working the land was what we were meant to do with our lives. Farming is in our blood and ours hearts, to create and grow health, beauty, and sustenance for our communities. It was only after our love began did we discover our deeply shared desire to give the world more beauty. To add meaning and heart and deep feelings to life’s most special moments; births, weddings, birthday celebrations, holidays and the changing of the seasons, and the end of life. These are some of the most special and sacred parts of life, shouldn’t they be all the richer- decorated in flowers and touches of nature? We believe so.

And so, there is no moment too small or large-if you seek to add the beauty of florals, or other services - we are here to provide that to you.

We grow and care for our farm from seed to soil and nurture our plants until they meet your hands. We care deeply about leaving our planet in better shape than we found it, and that is why we use organic + permaculture practices in our farm and care. As part of the Enright Ridge Urban Eco Village, we are intentional about the work we do, that is why we grow in our own backyard… marrying our home-life and our work-life. We feel our passion translates into providing you with an exceptional experience.

Another staple of our business practices is honesty and affordability. The wedding industry particularly can be challenging to navigate when you are working on a tight budget. We work diligently to provide you with clarity around what we can do for you and at what cost... Our intention through the slow flowers movement, is to take out the middle man and remove the high cost of flying in flowers from all across the planet. It is our belief that beauty should not be exclusive to those with large budgets and the privilege to pay for it. And so, through the practices we use when it comes to farming and our motivation to make flowers and event design available to everyone, we keep our costs and profits true, reasonable, honest, and fair.

Though we have been practicing Floral Design for the better part of a decade, our farm is still in its infancy- we are always experimenting, building upon, and trying new means of creation and art. Please explore our SHOP to see what new seasonal products we are working on. We love working with clients on new and innovative visions, large or small.. So please, do not hesitate to email us with questions, comments, inquires, or to set up your free consultation!


656 Enright Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45205

(513) 680-5116

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